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A Standing Workplace Makes You Super Productive

Do you work in an office that has you sitting for most of the day? If so, I am guessing that you are pretty tired at the end of the day and maybe you have a sore back or neck when you get home. 

Standing Workplace is a site to educate you on how to create your own standing workplace regardless if you work from home or in an office.

What exactly is a Standing Workplace?

Basically means that you have the tools to either:

  1. Work on your computer while standing the entire day (a standing desk)
  2. Word on your computer while standing for some of the work day. (variable desk)

The good news is that there are solutions for both situations and this is the place that can educate you on how to get the best standing workplace for your business lifestyle.

How to Get a Standing Workplace Started

The first thing you need to do is asses what kind of standing workplace you are allowed to have as some office environments have regulations that prevent a standing or variable desk to be implemented.  Of course if you work from home, you have much more control in terms of your choices. 

Once you have determined that you can get a standing workplace going, your next step is to gradually move from a sitting desk to a standing desk. It is important that this is a gradual process as you can end up having just as much discomfort at the end of the day if you were to jump right into standing desk environment. 

This is why I recommend investing in a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk as with these desks, you can gradually make the change.  Here is a quick video showing exactly what a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk is. 

As you can see, these type of standing desks are pretty awesome and very easy to work with and can create an excellent balance between sitting and standing while you are working.

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